BR Television and ARD-alpha - News, Entertainment, Education
Technical equipment in the control room of a TV studio Ι Photograph: BR/Josef Bayer

BR Television

Our regional channel BR Television (BR Fernsehen) presents Bavaria – and the world beyond – in all its diversity. Its news programmes provide information on all the important developments in Bavaria and across the world. BR Fernsehen has a long tradition of producing award-winning films, documentaries, political satire and comedy shows. Programmes featuring a Bavarian outlook and a Bavarian accent make our station unique.

ARD alpha

ARD alpha is the only educational channel in the German-speaking world. It offers an entertaining and challenging range of programmes - including science, research and political education. ARD alpha explains, explores, opens up discussions and dedicates itself to life in all its colours and guises.

Young woman sitting on a pile of books, reading Ι Bild: BR/Simon Heimbuchner
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