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BR24 is the news brand by BR: accessible 24/7 wherever you happen to be – by smartphone, tablet or PC. In the BR24 app, on the Web at and on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. On the radio and on TV. BR24 will always keep you up to date. Competent, reliable and to the point.

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BR Mediathek

Our internet player, the ‘ BR Mediathek’, allows visitors to watch a wide range of recent programmes free of charge. It also comes with a live streaming tool for our broadcast television channels, BR Television (BR Fernsehen) and ARD-alpha.

The BR Radio App

With the BR Radio App, you can access all BR radio programmes in one app: BAYERN 1, Bayern 2, BAYERN 3, BR-KLASSIK, BR24, PULS, BR Heimat and BR Schlager. You can also listen back to programmes after they have been broadcast. A programme calendar is available and you can jump directly to the news from any programme.

Smartphone with the BR Radio app on the screen Ι Photograph: BR/Julia Müller

The programmes we show are available worldwide thanks to Our website delivers information to complement and add to our radio and TV brands. Its multimedia experience helps enhance our broadcast content. The main focus is on news, education, culture, the arts, BR-Klassik – and Bavaria.

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